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Corporate Reputation


Protect corporate reputation with the world’s most comprehensive  brand and reputation health diagnostic.

Brand Influence


Consumer and customer insights into brand distinctiveness and influence.

Corporate Conduct


Identify the drivers of misconduct with new generation corporate culture and conduct monitoring.

Brand Experience

Experience Analysis

Investigation into brand consumption, services and environments

Reputation Health Diagnostic


RepHealth™️ delivers critical insights into public, customer and investor perceptions.

Competitive Reputation Rating

Identify your organisation’s reputation performance in relation and contrast to competitors

Reputation Distinctive Index

Recognise what your organisation is, or could become renowned for, along with the distinctiveness of all competitors

Reputation SWOT Analysis

Leverage reputation health insights into reputation risk mitigation and/or reputation growth strategy

Corporate Conduct Monitor


OpenConduct™ is an employee perception tool that identifies emerging culture risks.

ASX Corporate Governance Culture Rating

Monitor the cultural health of your organisation against the 2019 ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Guidelines

Misconduct Risk Alerts

Pinpoint, by department, potential culture dysfunction and misconduct

ASIC Culture Compliance Measure

Assess cultural leadership and integration of your organisation’s values into employee conduct



Brand image analysis is a psychological study into attraction, influence and affinity.

Competitive Brand Positioning

Advanced emotion-based brand positioning and strategic analysis     

Customer Consideration Insights

Identification of primary, secondary and tertiary cognitive and emotional choice drivers

Customer Affinity Mapping

Key areas of brand attraction and affinity, prioritised against a customers needs hierarchy



Black-Ops™ Retail Brand Experience Analysis

First-Person Customer Experience Analysis

Review existing brand service an environmental experience against specific brand identity and impression objectives

Communication Analysis

Examine the effectiveness of human, digital and traditional communication against category and specific brand strategy goals

Experience Upgrade Recommendations

A series of experience development recommendations across environmental and service deliverables


Our Corporate Citizenship
and Reputation Health Awards.

We’re committed to recognising and rewarding strong, ethical corporate performance in the areas of Citizenship, Reputation Health and Corporate Reputation Management.


The Brand Institute of Australia


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