Reputation Health Certification

Boards Across Australia


Boards across Australia are increasingly seeking assurances relating to the effective leadership of listed entities. It is a key responsibility of company directors (ASIC/Corporations Act 2001) to stay informed of a company’ position and performance and assess how key decisions impact the company’s reputation. In addition, and in accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles (4th Edition, February 2019), exceptional governance of organisational culture and protection of corporate reputation is mandatory.

The Reputation Health of an Organisation


The reputation health of an organisation is comprised of many specific components and the effectiveness of the governance of each along with the interplay or cohesion between them. Reputation Health Certification can be obtained following an investigation into all contributing elements to corporate reputation (media, communication, leadership, organising assets, strategy and culture) and satisfactory leadership and governance of each.

Reputation Health Certification


Reputation Health Certification represents a company’s commitment to transparency and optimising the public perception of an organisation. The reputation health of an organisation has far-reaching influence across consumer awareness, customer advocacy, employee consideration and investor decision-making.



The Certification Process


The certification process follows a proprietary methodology over a period of 12 - 20 weeks, certification becoming part of an organisations annual reputation governance statement. Certification reflects an organisations processes and capabilities across reputation governance rather than an indication of actual reputation health performance. Reputation health performance is measured specifically by RepHealth™ and is used to measure an organisations reputation health in isolation and against its competitive set.


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