Product Overview:


  • ASX Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Indicator
  • Organisational Values Integration Assessment
  • Dominant Culture Analysis
  • Cultural Leadership Score
  • Departmental Culture Risk Identification

Corporate Conduct Monitor


In accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th Edition, February 2019) and reiterated by ASIC and APRA, exceptional governance of organisational culture is not only desired but mandatory.


ASX listed organisations are now required to ensure their organisational culture is ethical, responsible and lawful. The mechanism for the development of such a culture relates specifically to the effective inculcation, leadership and governance of organisational values and the rigorous, unwavering focus on honesty, integrity and customer centricity.


OpenConduct™ is an independent diagnostic instrument designed to identify emerging culture risks. This tool is used by boards, executive teams and HR directors to provide early warning notice of potential cultural challenge through to regulatory breach and misconduct.


Shareholders of every organisation are demanding greater transparency into the leadership and governance of organisations. In addition the inevitable reputation damage that accompanies regulatory investigation and media attention associated with mismanagement, misbehaviour and misconduct, organisations failing to comply with cultural mandates are subject to shareholder strikes, regulatory penalties and customer remediation. Therefore, prudentially regulated organisations engage OpenConduct™ to provide insights and independent investigation well before any significant culture challenge arises.



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