Company of the year award

This Award recognises a company that is a leading corporate citizen as demonstrated by their sustained commitment to socially and environmentally responsible actions and initiatives, both within and beyond the workplace.


We’re looking for the companies that have gone above and beyond, our ‘tomorrow champions’. Applicants will need to show a sustained commitment to building a better tomorrow, with success stories across both social and environmental sectors.


The company will need to demonstrate pioneering governance and a forward thinking company culture. Relevant fields include; innovation, well-being, community engagement, sustainability, business practices, carbon footprint and emissions reductions.

Judging Criteria

  • Details on the positive social initiatives and activities your organisation has implemented.
  • Details on the positive environmental and sustainable initiatives your organisation has put into practice.
  • Clearly demonstrate engagement and participation throughout organisation, from ELT to company culture and beyond.
  • Evidence of initiatives, effectiveness and results - connecting change to organisational practices.
  • Any indication relating to future practice, based on existing initiatives.


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