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Kolony is a culture change and community migration consultancy. We work with organisations seeking to reshape their culture, or evolve and protect their culture as they relocate into new workspace.

Colony means community. Just as no two colonies are the same, no two communities are identical either. Structurally there may be similarities, however the underlying success of a community comes from unspoken ways of working. At Kolony we recognise the importance for all organisations to optimise their culture.

We specialise in change. We have diagnostic instruments that uncover culture type, drivers and networks, however we are ‘diagnostic agnostic’ - meaning we’re also comfortable working from other third-party diagnostics. While the insights are the compass, it’s the change process that mitigates risk and delivers commercial benefits.

The relocation of a workforce community can be an energising strategic opportunity, or a disruptive challenge fraught with risk. Our proven community migration methodologies carry positive, established cultural elements into new environments.

We work across senior leadership, internal communication, human resources and learning & development as we help to comprehensively nurture a workforce as it grows, transitions or transforms.

Any change in strategy requires culture shift.

Culture change is by it’s very nature a difficult, it means reflecting on and challenging human behaviour. Over 80% of culture change initiatives fail due to underestimating the inherent difficulty and/or time and effort required to consistently shift behaviour. The successful culture modification cases all share similar change characteristics. At Kolony we’ve built our success on the success of our clients and their culture.

As part of The Brand Institute of Australia we have access to work class intelligence and consulting resources all developed to optimise organisational performance.


Relocating the biggest name in Real Estate

Maybe you’ve heard these different marketing terms, maybe you haven’t. Either way, let me help to clarify the difference between them, because you should have all three if you want to market successfully.

Talk of the KOLONY™

Uber’s X-rated behaviour

Karl Treacher analyses the values and cultural troubles at Uber that led to a toxic work environment and its CEO being forced out.  This article originally appeared in The Culture Issue, our August September edition of Marketing magazine  I’m rated 4.65 as an Uber customer. A driver once told me. I rated him...

Aug 18, 2017

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Brand culture – Martians and mohawks

It’s 1984. The first Apple Macintosh is released, Michael Jackson sets his head on fire, Medicare comes into effect, ‘Advance Australia Fair’ becomes our national anthem, crack is introduced into the US, one million people die from the Ethiopian famine and I am wandering around Melbourne with a mohawk. Despite the arguably more memorable events, let’s focus on my mohawk…

Oct 18, 2012

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Brand and Culture Research and Alignment

What’s promised by an organisation is delivered by its culture. Our research teams work with our clients to uncover the health of an organisation’s culture before remodelling it to align with, and operationally drive and support customer experience.

KOLONY services

DNA Testing

Our organisational culture diagnostic uncovers dominant leadership and behavioural influences

 before reporting cultural health against business strategy.

Culture & Experience Engineering

Our teams work with organisations to reshape the key elements of their culture in order to better align ways of working with business strategy.

Workplace Identity & Change

We provide definitive workplace identity guidelines to ensure work environments are unique to an organisation and representative of their DNA and strategic direction.


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